How we ignite entrepreneurial spirit.

Enterprise Workshops

Sparking Enterprise’s passion for igniting students entrepreneurial spirit stems from the experiences of our director, Nath Fernandes who was forced into this mindset from a young age. Our Enterprise Workshops (delivered in the form of a carousel day) guide students through the fundamental principles required to create a successful business.

Carousel Day Contents

Session 1 (Introduction and Motivation) – The day will begin with a quick overview of Nath’s business career to date followed by motivational activities designed to ignite students creativity for the sessions that follow.

Session 2 (Business Planning) – Aided by the Business Model Canvas, students will be guided through the building blocks that entrepreneurs utilise when starting a business such as conducting a brief SWOT analysis and identifying a target market for their product or service.

Session 3 (Finance) – Students will be introduced to the financial aspect of running a successful business and undertake activities relating to cash flow forecasts etc.

Session 4 (Marketing) – Guided by the 4 ‘P’s’, we explore how students can effectively market their product or service. Armed with this knowledge, students will create a promotional poster to utilise during their pitch later in the day.

Session 5 (The Pitch) – Throughout the day, worksheets will be completed by students enabling a clear vision of their product or service to be formed. These will be used to aid them in a ‘Dragons Den’ style pitch to the class.

All of our Enterprise workshops can be mixed and matched with each other to suit different timetables.

Costing Structure

Our cost structure has been proven to match most schools budgets with each workshop costing £100 for a maximum of 60 minutes and discounts available for multiple bookings. We do ask that travel and accommodation (if necessary) expenses are covered. We also offer a flat day rate of £500 for a maximum of 5 workshops or half-day rate of £275 (applies to most locations – travel fees may still apply).

On a tight budget? We can provide all our workshops via Zoom.

Get In Touch

Interested in booking one of our workshops or finding out more about our private tutoring? For more information about how we can meet your requirements, email us at info@sparkingenterprise.co.uk or simply fill out the form below and we will reply shortly:

    “Many thanks indeed. You were absolutely outstanding! Several boys have already spoken to me to say how much they enjoyed it."
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