How we began.

The Sparking Enterprise Story

Sparking Enterprise’s passion for igniting students entrepreneurial spirit stems from the experiences of our director, Nath Fernandes (a NCFE Life Coach) who was forced into this mindset from a young age.

“Due to a variety of factors, one struggled to obtain a part time job unlike my peers at the age of 16. A few years before, I became proficient in designing websites hence decided to found a website design consultancy to earn a few pounds. One still operates this with a varying client base ranging from PLCs to non-profit organisations..

Whilst studying Business Enterprise at the University of The West of England, I decided to found a second business, this time providing educational workshops to schools and other educational institutions. However, due to being in full time education, this proved tricky to fit around ones studies but provided valuable experience.

Once graduated, I decided that it was time to do something ‘fun’ hence delved into the childrens entertainment industry and found a third business providing LEGO birthday parties. Originally serving the Bristol area, the business soon found it’s way into London and employing around 10 individuals across the two locations. After 6 years of working weekends (including through COVID), I took the hard decision to sell the business to an individual in London.

I have always had a passion for inspiring young people hence spend the majority of my time working in the education sector with the fourth business of my career, 360 Education and it’s subsidiary Sparking Enterprise.”

Costing Structure

Our cost structure has been proven to match most schools budgets with each workshop costing £100 for a maximum of 60 minutes and discounts available for multiple bookings. We do ask that travel and accommodation (if necessary) expenses are covered. We also offer a flat day rate of £500 for a maximum of 5 workshops or half-day rate of £275 (applies to most locations – travel fees may still apply).

On a tight budget? We can provide all our workshops via Zoom.

Get In Touch

Interested in booking one of our workshops or finding out more about our private tutoring? For more information about how we can meet your requirements, email us at info@sparkingenterprise.co.uk or simply fill out the form below and we will reply shortly:

    “Many thanks indeed. You were absolutely outstanding! Several boys have already spoken to me to say how much they enjoyed it."
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